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Číslo dílu 6159276510
Model Delta QC Licensed 1 User
Popis Simple and Quick Programming of Testing Psets / Tools controlled / Inspection Route.
Přínosy Delta QC software is Desoutter software for the entire measurement equipments platform.

Manage a fleet of Transducers, data collectors, wrenches and Testing benches.
Configure your Tools / Psets for periodical Machine Capability Tests and Process Capability Tests.
Organise efficient Routes in SPC with several Quality / Maintenance Operators.
Or simply execute a test on the spot to check the capability and repeatability of an Assembly Tool.

Collect and get a full traceability of all datas on tests performed.
Analyse Results, Curves and trends over a period of time in SPC.
Detect deviations and take Fact-based decisions for preventive actions.
Generate, print, export reports / evidence of your findings for documentation.
Store datas in a safe database for reference during an Audit.
Vlastnosti Tree view of Data collectors / Wrenches / Benches
Up to 32,000 Psets / 32,000 Tools / 32,000 Routes.
Results and Curves Viewer
Online statistics only.

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